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Thread: A question..

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    A question..

    I got asked this there a disney store in Hk itself?? I dont go int oHk now and stay atthe resort so not sure.....

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    Re: A question..

    There were many Disney Stores in Hong Kong in the 90s. Due to some reason, they close all of them before HKDL open.

    Now, there are only 2 Disney Stores in Hong Kong outside the resort. Both of them are located in the airport, one in Terminal 2 and another one in the airside area of Terminal 1.

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    Re: A question..

    There were six Disney stores in HK but they were closed before the opening of HKDL. Now they have two "The Magic of HKDL" stores inside the two Hong Kong International Airport terminals.

    Oops, just noticed ShadowIDL had answered the question.

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