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    Re: Ticket prices to rise at HKDL: SCMP

    On topic:

    New Vinylmations were introduced recently.
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    The same site is saying that HKDL Hotel's 'Sorcerer's Lounge' is being replaced by 'Walt's Cafe' so that there is no more lacking of western food at the hotel.

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    Re: Ticket prices to rise at HKDL: SCMP

    shanghairules: I'm not sure if you understand that you're not getting your point across, because you're not helping your own argument by insulting people. Chill. Peace.

    Timmy: I'm worried too. But like for everything, including TSP, I'm cautiously optimistic!

    HKDLFAN: You're right. Moving right along...

    Witches: What sort of hex can you hags whip up?

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    Re: Ticket prices to rise at HKDL: SCMP

    ORDDU: One just never knows, SirEdge, duckling. So someone had better be very careful. In the meantime it's nice to know that MOST of the ducklings around here know how to behave themselves and just share opinions and suggestions without resorting to personal insults. It's hurtful to all when anyone goes off track like that.

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