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    Characters we want to see

    Hello! There are so many of us that want certain characters to come out in Hong Kong Disneyland and I was wondering if overall we're all thinking the same ones! (:

    I really want to meet and greet with

    Princess Tiana
    Captain Jack Sparrow
    Mary Poppins and Bert
    Panchito Pistoles
    Josť Carioca
    The Mad Hatter
    Peter Pan and Wendy
    Ariel the little mermaid
    The Genie
    Robin Hood
    Mike and Sulley
    Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

    there's probably more!
    I honestly think we should actually try and get Disney to bring them out.

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    Re: Characters we want to see

    ORWEN: Well, don't forget about us cauldron girls, while you're at it--along with the rest of The Black Cauldron cast! Maybe Hong Kong is just the place for a Cauldron revival!!!

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    Re: Characters we want to see

    I'm pretty sure there was a Jack Sparrow back in 2007.

    HKDL source has an old list, not sure how updated it is.

    The HKDL Source : Characters

    It's pretty sparse. You can see some more characters during the parade, but not really at a dedicated meet and greet.

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    Re: Characters we want to see

    Genie was in HKDL in summer of the last two years
    He was on the float of the Stitch Summer Dance Bash and he had M&G with Aladdin and Jasmine.
    Also Mike and Shulley was also appeared at last summer.

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    Re: Characters we want to see

    My list...

    Huey, Duey and Louie and beagle boys
    Any muppets!
    star wars
    seven dwarfs
    step sisters

    and many more different costumes!!
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