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    Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    It's surprisingly how revealing blueprints of theme parks can be. I found some very interesting things when searching for HKDL...

    First, let's start with the map released for the HKDL expansion:

    It clearly shows several large pads. A giant pad under Grizzly Gulch large enough to make Grizzly Gulch into a full land, or build a couple more "Port of Call" mini lands in Adventureland. Additionally, there is a nice plot of land between Autopia and Buzz large enough for Star Tours. Finally, there is a large expanse of land bove Fantasyland split down the middle by a service road. The square section above the railroad section may be limited to to the firework launch site, however that leaves a nice parcel between the road and the rest of Toy Story Playland for Midway Mania. Dismissing the rectangular portion, there's also a nice Peter Pan sized attraction to the left of the Train Station, opposite of PhilharMagic.

    Perhaps the most revealing of any blueprints was one I came across last night. It appears unfinished as the lines outside the railroad tracks are more fractured. You can make out Toon Town above Fantasyland, Star Tours near the Railroad track spur. The rest is even more difficult to make out. I see Raging Spirits/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and Thunder Mountain side by side beyond the tracks surrounding Adventureland. Going off the original park description, the area near the Lion King show could possibly be for It's Tough to be a Bug and a River Rapid Ride. Or, "Fort Corntsalk" and a Haunted Mansion.
    It's also interesting to note that Small World is contained within the berm. Here's a link to other pictures of the same map: Parties images | Parties photographs, parties photos
    Upon further investigation, this is a full out, non colored version of the next few plans below. Kind of like an "unofficial" version of the following drafts.

    Now, look closely at the grassy area under Snow White's Grotto. Just grass right?

    Now look what you can see beneath the color on this Tomorrowland layout. It looks like a stadium style viewing area for Parade and show viewing, similar to the one built at Disneyland Paris.


    Apparently, at one point there was concept art for an incredibly tiny HKDL with the park dead-ending in "it's a small world" in place of the castle, and then a Fantasyland over to the left, and a Adventureland to the right. I guess now we know what the castle looked like:

    I took these pictures at the new art displayed at the Disney Gallery on Main Street. I just think this stuff is so interesting. I've never seen this concept art before, and there's not exactly alot of HKDL concept art to begin with.

    And here is another piece of concept art for a squat version of the DLP castle atop some intense rock formations. Very interesting. It reminds me of something shown in the background of a concept art featured in a double page spread in the new Disney Imagineering book. It's kind of strange; the drawbridge to no where doesn't really make sense.

    I hope you found that interesting.

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    Re: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    ^ Yes I found them interesting.

    I think the firework launchers can be pushed further back so that newly vacated area can either form a Fantasyland expansion ( la Magic Kingdom's Fantasy Forest) or a new land. The big space eater Fantasy Garden should be removed for a dark ride like PPF as you said. Mickey and friends can have their small, reimagined Toontown (Mickey's Clubhouse?) greeting place next to TSL (unless they decided to build Toy Story Mania there - which is unlikely given Tokyo just got one now) - maybe different characters can be overlaid to this ride.

    And then as everyone agrees, the current castle is too small. I think they should gut the whole thing and build a taller castle using the same foundation. That way they can have space for attractions/shops/restaurants inside as well as a better nighttime projection show like Paris' Dreams!.

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    Re: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    To be honest... I HATE the HKDL castle.

    I just have to add again... there are no "mini" lands in HKDL. Toy Story Land is not big but it has 3 + attractions, and Grizzly Gulch is big. The biggest thing in HKDL will be Mystic Manor in Mystic Point.
    The world according me:

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    Re: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    ORWEN: I wish they would open up the castle and add the Sleeping Beauty walk thru inside. It would bring the castle to life instead of just letting it sit there as an empty shell.

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    Re: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    1. I would have been happy with the clone if it had the walk-through as the Witchies said. I mean if you're gonna clone, clone all the way!

    2. I do love the charm of the castle against the mountains, but it would have worked better with a different design.

    3. I surprisingly love the Small World castle. It's unique, while still very Disney. If it's just a battle between concept arts, I prefer this to the Shanghai castle (although once finished, I bet that will be spectacular).

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    Re: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Investigating the Mysteries of HKDL

    Look good

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