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To the average visitor to the park, this is a great addition. Why? It's an escape from the horrid weather conditions of HK. Those on these boards who have been to HKDL many times will have probably noticed how many many people who enter the shops at the park only do so to take refuge from the weather. It's a great practical addition but a horrid aesthetic one - The building looks plain awful. Why choose that ugly semi-circular shape? Why not stick to the flat panelling like the one given to the Main Street Corner Cafe? I hope the framework of this building is temporary.
One thing that stinks about it is that the small sidestreets give the mainstreet more depth. That design worked fine for Walt. I understand that everything that he ever stod for is long gone (HKDL doesnīt even recognize him with a statue) but that store small ugly monster of a store is the most unnecessary addition any Mainstreet could have.

They could have built something like this in Tomorrowland if they really needed more stores. It would have been easier to make it fit there. ...they could have themed it to Wall-E.

I sometimes wonder how Disney canīt have me as an consultant hahah