Tourists have long-since hailed Hong Kong as the jewel in Asia's glittering crown. But there are at least two reasons why the island city is set to become even more popular with Brits searching for a bit of glitz and glamour this year.
Positioned rather inconveniently on the opposite side of the globe from the UK, you'd be forgiven for ruling out a trip to the city on the grounds of cost. Think again! From June, a new Hong-Kong-based budget airline is threatening to decimate the cost of flights from the UK to the tiny island.

New kid on the block Oasis reckons it can take on the likes of British Airways on routes between the UK and Hong Kong at a fraction of the cost.
Though still awaiting clearance from the authorities, the no-frills airline reckons it could begin offering flights between London and its home country from as little as 75.
The venture is by no means guaranteed to succeed but onlookers insist Oasis will create enough ripples to drive down the prices offered by other airlines either way.
The airline's move also comes amid a fall in the general cost of long-haul travel that makes reaching far-flung locations such as Hong Kong easier each year. BA has recently dropped its prices and currently offers return flights to Hong Kong for 399, including taxes. But hurry, as the generous deal ends on January 31.
It's best to take a trip to the bustling city between November and March, when it stays dry and temperatures rarely fall below 50 degrees. If you're looking to jet off somewhere exotic in the next few weeks, then you're not too late to catch the vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations, which take place from January 29 to 31.
Cheap flights aside, Hong Kong now boasts a second big pull factor. The city is currently transforming itself into a glitzier and more glamorous version of its former incarnation.
Fashionable nightclubs have begun to spring up across the city, Disneyland recently arrived and high-end hotels and boutiques are opening outlets left, right and centre. In short, the city is fast developing a strength and depth of tourist attractions enabling it to compete with New York, Paris or Milan.