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    Should WDC submit proposal for Kai Tak Fantasy Park?

    HK government officials are calling for a International Design Competition for Kai Tak Fantasy Park, which is in fact a request for proposal for how the Fantasy Park should be built at the Tip of the Old Kai Tai Airport Runway.
    details of the competition will be released later on.

    it was mentioned that they would like to develop it around the the theme of aviation and Maritime.

    should WDC submit a design proposal to HK government?

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    Re: Should WDC submit proposal for Kai Tak Fantasy Park?

    I don't think its time for them to be building a 2nd gate. There is still room to develop in the park (not saying Toy Story Land) but there should be more before needing to offer a second gate.
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    Re: Should WDC submit proposal for Kai Tak Fantasy Park?

    Nope, besides Kai Tak is nowhere near Lantau. Maybe a flagship Disney Store?

    I mean, I can imagine a Downtown Disney thing, but they ought to build that in the resort itself.

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    Re: Should WDC submit proposal for Kai Tak Fantasy Park?

    Kai Tak Fantasy has absolutely nothing to do with Disney.

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