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Thanks Sarki7 and SirEdge! Appreciate the honesty.
It's actually been my husbands enquiries about HKDL that let me to this great post. I'm the Mad DisneyParks Fan, but I think our recent 5night stay at Disneyland Paris gave him a better idea of the parks than our previous mad dash around the Tokyo Parks trying to fit in as much as we could in single day visits.
It was my goal to expose him to some of the finer details and more relaxed touring, dining reservations and after staying on property at DLP Hotel NewYork he loved that once he'd had his fill of the Park, we could walk the 10mins back to the hotel, have a rest, and then if we had Dining reservations or want to watch Dreams together, or if I wanted to return to the park on my own it was very easy to do. I guess that's where Paying For the Convienience comes in to play, and now completely out of the blue he's been asking me questions about HKDL, and even mentioned the words 'Disney' and 'Cruise' in the same breath! We'll see what the future brings!
Sounds like you have a wonderful husband!

If you want a Hong Kong vacation, I'd suggest to stay off property and maybe stay for a week. You can buy a 2-Day pass and you can use that twice during that week, so that's a pretty good deal I think. That way you can maybe start of with HKDL on your first day, enjoy HK and before you leave, hit the park again.

If you plan to stay on property, stay exactly 3 days/2 nights. That way you can enjoy the park at your leisure and give you time to enjoy what the hotels have to offer. People here have recommended Chef Mickey at the HKDL Hollywood Hotel, and they were right, it was pretty good!