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    HKDL "Monstrous Summer"

    HKDL just announced their program for the summer, which is (of course) Monsters University themed.

    They're turning Art of Animation into the MU administrative building and Animation Academy into the Art Club. You can get a MU I.D. Card and meet mike and sulley. Also, you can download a graduation certificate from the HKDL website. New merch and food options ( Mike Cotton candy) are also for sale. Along with some offers and a special Animation Academy class to draw Mike, that's all they're offering for the summer.

    My question now is why did they exclude Mickeys waterworks parade? It's a really popular and really well-done parade and I can't understand why they would exclude it. It was there last year so maybe it will premier later in the summer but I really don't see that happening. I would hate for it to be cancelled all because of this Monstrous summer thing.

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    Re: HKDL "Monstrous Summer"

    According to the HKMSG FB page, the waterworks parade should start on the 28th of June.

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