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    Re: Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag

    I am huge HK Disney fan, in fact I have visited HK Disney at least 30 times since opening 8 years ago. Hong Kong is a very expensive city with a problematic shortage of land and the astronomically prices that comes with it. For example, a 400 sqft apartment in a non popular area will cost 3 mil hkd (already among cheaper ones). This land shortage also translates into HK Disney as well. I would have preferred everything big just like the US Disney parks, but since this is simply impossible therefore going for mini lands is the right way to go for HK Disney I think. At least this will give us the impression that the park seems bigger and using more theme variety.

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    Re: Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianLo View Post
    Finally on a completely different note, what are they building in the space (south?) of tomorrowland and to the right of the front gate? I could see cranes and construction equipment when walking along the front pathway from the MTR Disney station towards the park.
    I think they are building a new admin bldg and are moving some of the stuff from behind tomorrowland (west geographically) to this place. The area behind tomorrowland will then become Marvel Land. That's why it will take until 2017 for Marvel Land to be completed
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    Re: Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag

    Minilands? The lands are just as big as any other. Its just the lack of rides that make them seme small and very boring. Adventureland is huge, but very very boring and empty. The park is built after a very bad masterplan not taking advantage of the land.
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    Re: Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag

    Just got back from HKDL. It was small yes, but Mystic Manor was cool, just like Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

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    Re: Mystic Point - A Mixed Bag

    OK gives us a more detailed review!

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