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    Re: Why was HKDL built small?

    Re: Why was HKDL built small?

    Originally Posted by lazyboy97O
    You're welcome. I really hope in the next 5-10 years somebody does a behind-the-scenes tell all book about Hong Kong Disneyland from the very beginnings of Disney shopping Disneyland Asia to just about now where the park is profitable. It would be a fascinating read.

    I also agree with that, and I still wish to know what's the original plan and how it turned up with, esp those being turned down. There are lots of enignmatic rumors about the park development.
    And I think the HKDL was built as a gate to test the market in China, and develop recognition to the Chinese. That's why the park has no need to be big, and fantasty land could keep small . Shanghai DL is always the ultimate target.
    By announcing the breaking-ground of SDL, and the new parks in the Hengqin zone, I hope the new competition will bring HKDL a reconsider of its strategy.
    And thanks for the comphresive opinions from you all, I understand more about the issue.

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    Re: Why was HKDL built small?

    I agree a history of Disney's Hong Kong adventures would be interesting reading.

    I remember reading originally that the park was Euro Disney sized but that there was also a much smaller version designed (look in the second imagineering book) From memory the original website also had frontierland and splash mountain mentions.

    in the end the answer to the size question was probably arrogance. The idea people would buy any old cr** with a Disney label on it and 'brand harvesting' lead to the failure of HKDL which is a real shame. It's the only park I've never been too but it's location looks spectacular and it's location on the east west travel routes would have made it a Tokyo sized hit if the money had been spent up front I'm sure

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    Re: Why was HKDL built small?

    Hoo boy. Yeah, this one is a can of worms.

    I don't think it was entirely planned to be small. I wouldn't blame it entirely on Eisner. He is after all the guy who greenlit Splash Mountain, which I consider to be one of the greatest rides ever. The guy who greenlit that can't be all that bad.

    I think the problem also lies in the fact that its partially owned by the HK government. Of course the park wouldn't have been built without it, but we all know about the elusive lands that were vetoed by the HK gov't, Glacier Bay, the rumored Star Tours 2, and the Pirates/Splash hybrid.

    If the park had been built big, we would have had the usual staples, which would have been really nice, but we wouldn't gave gotten Mystic Manor.

    And if there's one good thing that HK gov't does, it's their insistence on unique attractions. Unfortunately, this is offset by the having their hands dipped into Ocean Park as well. Perhaps the HK locals will be in a better position to say how involved their gov't is in both parks, since I'm sure this affects HKDL greatly.

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    Re: Why was HKDL built small?

    IMO, there are enough people in Asia to support a Disney park in almost all of the countries. If they decided to build one where I live, in Korea, it would be a bit hit. Will they do that? No, but the customer base is here.

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