SHANGHAI, Feb. 6 (Xinhua) -- China's leading online travel agency Ctrip announced on Monday to refund online ticket bookers who were denied admittance to the extremely crowded Hong Kong Disneyland during the Spring Festival which ushered in China's Lunar New Year. "Among some 1,000 tourists denied by Hong Kong Disneyland, there were 26ticket bookers at," said Yang Tao, vice president of the Shanghai-based company.
Hundreds of visitors with tickets were shut out of the park, which closed its gate soon after opening with its maximum reception capability of around 30,000 people during the holiday last week.
Yang said that the company will compensate for the customers with Disneyland's ticket money. If they wish to make the trip again this year, Ctrip will offer them one-night hotel boarding in Disneyland.
"It is necessary for tourist agencies to solace tourists who had unpleasant journey due to impersonal reasons," said Yang.
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Source : Xinhua News