With healthy economic performance and the launch of tourism events of "2006 Discover Hong Kong Year", Hong Kong expects to attract more visitors and investment from Japan in 2006.

"A total of over 23.35 million people visited Hong Kong last year, among whom some 1.21 million people came from Japan," said Kunio Kana,representative of Tokyo office, Hong Kong Tourism Board. "We hope to draw 1.43 million Japanese visitors in 2006." A range of tourism activities will be held in Hong Kong to reach the goal.

"The Hong Kong-Japan 2005 Project has fostered cooperation between the two in cultural and economic fields and promoted exchanges of goods, funds and personnel," said Fang Zhiwei, chief representative of Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo) of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Fang said 2006 would see a continuation of activities of 2005.
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Source : People's Daily