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    Re: TDLFAN's day at HKDLR in photos

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN
    Why Thank you WDW1974! I am flattered. I feel HKDL gets a bad rap.. Yes, it's very small; Yes, there's not much to do; Yes, the restaurant selection is very weak (especially if you are not into chinese meals).. and so many others say the park has no "charm". My intention with this album is to show the little things that folks do not stop to look at along with the obvious. As tiny and insignificant as HKDL may be, the park has a more detailed and thought out look over say....the MK. Even with a small budget, the Imagineers were able to deliver a park that looks great and have decent attractions and shows to begin with. It just doesn't have THAT many. But the park itself is a little gem. People need to get past the small attraction list and really appreciate the work that went into building the atmospheres of this park. That alone placed it as my #4 favorite DL Park out of 5.
    You're quite welcome. But I am not tossing praise on you because you're a friend, but because it's very clear to me you have an artistic eye and one with a sense for detail.

    You're pics make HKDL look so chock full of charm, ambience and sense of place, I can even overlook (briefly) the lack of attractions. They built the base for what well could be one of the best Disney parks anywhere a decade from now.

    I really can't wait to get there!

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    Re: TDLFAN's day at HKDLR in photos

    Quote Originally Posted by Flaming Cabin
    Great job, but I wished he had taken pictures of their Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Tiki, CBJ, Small World, and Mark Twain. He completely ignored Big Thunder.
    Oh stop! This is exactly what I wanted to avoids with this pictorial... HKDL is a nice park, even if short on things... Let's be will grow and get better. I much rather have HKDL as is now than to see DLP falling apart like it is... wait until you see the pics I took in Paris yesterday... NOT good.

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    Re: TDLFAN's day at HKDLR in photos

    Wrong thread. Oops.

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