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    HKDL hiring 300 Temporary Staff, Houston Chronicle,2006-6-20

    Hong Kong Disney Hiring 300 Temporary Staff
    2006 The Associated Press
    HONG KONG Hong Kong Disneyland is hiring 200 to 300 temporary staff to help cater to anticipated strong demand during the theme park's first summer season here, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

    The new employees will be assigned to food and drinks outlets, merchandise sales and park operations and be paid an hourly rate of HK$40-HK$50 (US$5.2-US$6.4; euro4.13-euro5.08), Hong Kong Disneyland spokeswoman Glendy Chu said.

    "It's our first summer here and we anticipate high demand," she said.
    The theme park, which now employs about 5,000 people, has said it counts on a larger number of visitors during July and August to counter lagging attendance since it opened in September.

    Hong Kong Disneyland aims to attract 5.6 million visitors a year. It has not disclosed its attendance figures, saying they are commercially sensitive information.
    Source : Houston Chronicle

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    Re: HKDL hiring 300 Temporary Staff, Houston Chronicle,2006-6-20

    They don't pay much do they...a good old Disney theme park.

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    Re: HKDL hiring 300 Temporary Staff, Houston Chronicle,2006-6-20

    I was looking at that last night and thought the same thing - that is cheap labour.

    Here is Australia, minimum wage is a little higher than it is in the US (for the most part), but if you are employed on a casual basis - which I'm assuming these people will be - then you get a slightly higher rate of pay. This is 'casual loading' to compensate for the fact you don't get sick leave and holiday benefits. Shame that Disney can't seem to do the same.

    At those wages, you'd have to work a 7-hour day in the park during peak time to be able to afford a ticket to get in and enjoy the park as a guest.*

    *Based on a HK $350 ticket during peak days. You'd only have to work 6 hours on a Regular day, when ticket prices are HK $295
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