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    Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL

    Prediction # 1:

    HKDL will perfrom better in 2007 (YEAR OF THE PIG)

    Prediction # 2:

    2008(Year of the Rat) will be a big turning point for HKDL


    More attractions will be built.

    IASW in 2007 and

    Increased flow of tourists from mainland upon the completion of various infrastructure projects in HK:

    (1) Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor (to be opened in 2007)
    Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor is a 5.5-kilometre long dual 3-lane carriageway of which the Hong Kong section is 3.5-kilometre. Spanning across Deep Bay, the Hong Kong section links up the northern end of Deep Bay Link at Ngau Hom Shek with the Mainland section of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor.

    (2) Lok Ma Chau Spur Line (to be opened in 2007)
    The cross boundary traffic has been increasing rapidly in recent years. In 2005, there are about 250,000 passengers crossing the boundary at Lo Wu on a weekday and over 300,000 passengers per day during holiday. Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line is needed to meet the increasing cross boundary demand. The 7.4 km long railway line will branch off the existing East Rail just north of Sheung Shui and run to the new Lok Ma Chau Terminus close to the boundary with Shenzhen. The station will be connected by a pedestrian bridge across Shenzhen River with Huanggang on the other side of the boundary. Cross-boundary passengers will have an easy transfer to Shenzhen mass transit railway system.

    The Lok Ma Chau Spur Line will be the second railway link between Hong Kong and the Mainland, relieving passenger congestion at Lo Wu Station. The 7.4 kilometre alignment will branch off the existing East Rail north of Sheung Shui Station and then stretch to the Lok Ma Chau Terminus where customs and immigration facilities will be provided. The terminus will be connected to new Huanggang Station of the Shenzhen Metro by a pedestrian bridge across the Shenzhen River.

    The KCRC has adopted a combined tunnel and viaduct scheme for the Spur Line: from Sheung Shui to Chau Tau, the railway will run through tunnels, the railway will then run on viaducts until it reaches Lok Ma Chau Station.

    The Spur Line project comprises four major sections, namely, the tunnels, the viaducts, Lok Ma Chau Station, and the modification works at the existing Sheung Shui Station.

    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region endorsed the Corporation's construction of the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line on 14 June 2002. Construction commenced in January 2003, and the project is targeted for completion in 2007.

    (3) SkyPlaza, Terminal 2 (HK International Airport) (to be opened in 3Q 2006)

    Sky Plaza, which extends from the passenger terminal and is fully integrated with the airport and airport express railway station, will feature airline check in facilities, a transport interchange for coaches (in readiness for Disney), two office towers (total of 30,000m&#178 and a 38,000m² retail and entertainment centre.

    (4) Route 8 and Stonecutters Bridge, one of longest span cable-stayed bridges(to be completed by 2008)

    Hosting the Equestrian Event for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at Hong Kong

    Sources: KCR, Airport Tech, HK Gov etc.
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    Re: Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL

    ORDDU: Why, HongKongDisneyland, duckling!! My sisters and I just KNEW there had to be someone else around here--besides us--who had a crystal ball! Even though they've become very rare over the years and even though they're hard to maintain they ARE out there and can be most valuable.

    ORWEN: Of course you have to be careful when you use it. I mean, if you fog up the glass too much--like a certain nasty old biddy I happen to know--you can get a false reading.

    ORGOCH: Don't go blamin' ME fer any false readin's, blubber brains! Yer the one always foggin' up the crystal with yer dang heavy breathin'!

    ORDDU: What sort of crystal ball do you have, by the way? And how big is it?

    ORWEN: Just remember--it isn't the size of your ball that matters. It's how potent the magic within that counts!

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    Re: Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL


    I think it will take much more than IASW and Olympics to help HKDL be a star in 2008. It will need a few attrctions to level out. It either poses no draw with it's lack of attraction, or the whole country is out of work and it has no capacity for all them. IASW will be a major help. It has a ways to go.

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    Re: Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL

    I don't know about counting on the Olympics to boost attendance.

    Example: Picture it Los Angeles, 1984. Rumors spread that the park would be packed and guests turned away, because of the hoards of masses in town for the Games of the XXIII Olympiad. So in turn, locals left and some tourists stayed away. It was one of the worst summers for DLR.

    Though HKDL is different and closer vicinity to millions of people. So maybe there will a different effect

    I think more rides besides IASW will help also

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    Re: Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL

    I also don't know if 2007 will really be the turning point. Although I agree that
    iasw will help, I happen to think that there's some break-even point of number of
    attractions that a place must have to keep its audience busy for the whole day.
    Also you need to temper that with the time that people are willing to stay in

    My guess is that even w/ Autopia and iasw, that HKDL will NOT be at that point. BTW. it's
    really the whole MIXTURE of A-E ticket rides that really makes this happen, not
    just a bunch of E- (or hoped for E-) ticket class rides.

    My guess is that they need around 25 attractions. And meals don't count.
    So that probably means really 2 D, 2 C and 2 B classes will do the job.
    And as mentioned before FantasyLand dark rides are perfect for doing that.
    (Ariel one, I think would be very nice and unique).

    My humble opinions....
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    Re: Looking thru my Crystal Ball: Predictions for HKDL

    Quote Originally Posted by nish221
    And meals don't count.

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