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    Hong Kong headache

    I found an interesting article about HKDL:

    What really got me was Rasulo:
    Given the complexity of the Hong Kong operation, such "teething pains" are hardly surprising, says Rasulo. What may be tougher to solve, though, are the yawns the miniature park is generating among tourists. Rasulo says the park wasn't built on a grand scale because the Chinese didn't grow up with Disney and don't know the characters as well as Americans and Europeans do, which acts as a constraint on its potential audience. Ernest calls it a "great introductory park." They also point out that the company plans to keep adding new attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland, including an updated version of Disney's classic Autopia racing game, scheduled to open this summer. The government is reclaiming land on an adjoining site to expand the park further. But James Zoltak, editor of Amusement Business, a trade magazine for the theme-park industry, says Disney isn't moving quickly enough: it needs to "get on a crash course in terms of expansion. The rate of building it up has to be swifter than anything they've done at any of their parks."
    Rasulo is such an idiot. It's amazing how they use that as an excuse to not build a full scale park.

    ...not very different from the amusement parks we have...
    If Disney had built their signature attractions like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, or IASW in the first place, it wouldn't have ended like this. Hong Kong has no attractions that blows you away.

    And they are waiting for the Shanghai governments nod?

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    Re: Hong Kong headache

    Well Rasulo has to say something besides "my former two bosses were idiots and this is what they built". At least Disney is rather consistant with excuses for HKDL.

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    Re: Hong Kong headache

    ORGOCH: Heck, if'n I was that Rasulo feller, I wouldn't be afeared ta say Ei$ner and Pressler was a couple a idiots!! Be the best thing he could say! Ev'rybody knows the truth 'bout those two old toads, anyways!!

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