The chief of the Walt Disney Company said Wednesday that Hong Kong Disneyland is a key driver of the company's strategy to build the Disney brand and its business in the region.
Robert A. Iger, the Chief Executive Officer of the miracle world of Walt Disney visited Hong Kong Disneyland Wednesday following his business trip in Shanghai.

He encouraged his staff that the quality and universal appeal of Hong Kong Disneyland, which is the smallest one in the world, will show over the long term.

Warmly welcomed Mickey Mouse has experienced series of difficulties since its landing on Hong Kong, including refusing visitors during the Spring Festival.

Being the fifth theme park of Walt Disney family, the first one in China, Hong Kong Disneyland attracted much attention from the very beginning. However, it always has problem to attract enough visitors.
It has issued summer pass during this summer vacation in hope of drawing more visitors, especially children. Whether it will accomplish its target of having 5.6 million visitors during its first year in Hong Kong is still a question.
Source: People's Daily