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    Staff Admission Program Out of Control

    In order to boost the attendance figures, HKDL started offering unlimited free park admission program to all of its 5,000 Cast Members at the beginning of the summer. Under this program, each of the staff may bring up to 3 guests to the park for free everyday until the end of the year.

    A local newspaper and a magazine find many HKDL staffs selling the admission rights to the public for as low as HK$120 per person (normal peak season admission is HK$350 per person). Some of these staffs even offer "packages" with discounted shopping and hotel stay which cost up to 40% lower than the street price.

    A HKDL Security staff said they have already reported many abuse cases to the management but no action has been taken by them yet. He believes that the management will not take any action since such “underground tickets” help HKDL to achieve its attendance target (5.6 million in the first year).

    Related Link (The original articles are not available on the internet but this one is a related article in Chinese)

    I know it is very easy to get these “underground tickets” at low price in Hong Kong. One of my HKDL friends told me that the theme park is very busy in summer but around 30%-40% of the park guests are free riders under the employee program.

    It is so ridiculous that HKDL management to make such a stupid decision. What’s the point to achieve the “attendance target” when up to 40% of people in the park are not paying HKDL for their tickets?

    If it works, I think the next step is to open the theme park for free, treat it like a public park and I am sure that HKDL will achieve 20 millions attendance in the coming year.

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    Re: Staff Admission Program Out of Control

    Wow. That's a really tricky situation for HKDL. If they punish the castmembers, they'll have to fire some for abuse of their privileges AND they won't hit their attendance targets. If they don't do anything, they lower their profit margin and ingrain an employee entitlement to cheat their employer.

    Wouldn't it just be better for them to do ticket promotions to get people in the park, rather than encourage their employees to cheat the system?
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    Re: Staff Admission Program Out of Control

    Wow. Wow. Talk about something I wasn't expecting to read.

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    Re: Staff Admission Program Out of Control

    GEEZ! Who the heck is driving this bus!

    Seems like each week, another fiasco surfaces from Parks & Resorts that just begs for an inquisition. And not the one using the Comfy Chair™!

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    Re: Staff Admission Program Out of Control

    Euro Disney SAS is doing the same thing .How many free dated tickets has been given till the end of october ? ALOTS

    HKDL and DL Paris are similar about their Theme Park Occupancy . I mean one day the park is empty and walk on to every ride or Overcrowded and reached the Capacity with dated tickets plus Regular Guests and Resort Guests etc... .

    HKDL wants to get their Frequentation Results to see that the Park can reach their final Annual Frequentation to 5.5 Millions Guests and not making profits to proove to the WDC that Chinese People are interested by Visiting a Disney Park .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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