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If riding Space Mountain ten times in a row is your idea of heaven, then this is the place.
Then beam me up, Scotty!

Seriously though, it is no secret I like the park. I wouldn't have involved myself in the fan site the way I do if I didn't have a fondness for the place. However, while I agree there is little to do for the seasoned Disney fan at the moment, you have to keep in mind that it was not the Disney Global Traveller that the park was designed for. Rather, it is to tap the Chinese market.

Now the events of the last few days have shown us that Disney has several expansion plans on the way. Indeed, much more is going on there at the moment than just the Fantasyland construction.

The idea that this park is a "lesser" park is slightly unfair, albeit true in many ways, as it is like comparing Disneyland to WDW. Sure, one is smaller and technically has less to do, but they both have their own charms. The thing I love about HKDL is that they are now in a position to try out new things that simply wouldn't work in the States. The alternate IASW is a prime example of this.

To quote myself: "One of the memories that will always stay with me is the looks on the faces of a multi-generational family as they boarded the Dumbo attraction for the first time. As the machinery, already familiar to me, first lifted them off the ground, a mixture of pure surprise and joy crossed their faces. Looking around, this was true of many local families visiting the park for the first time. It would be very easy for the hardened Disney faithful to dismiss the park as an "also ran", but this completely misses the point. As Walt once said, Disneyland is our land, and it has enchanted billions of people in one form or another over the last fifty years. If the small steps that Hong Kong Disneyland has made in its first year can produce the pure wonder I saw in the park - including those enchanted by my hat - then that fills me with hope for the future. If that isn't the essence of Walt's dream, then I'll eat my hat!"