Hong Kong Disneyland said Friday it has sold about 20,000 annual pass since its first launch in October, a sign of hope for its marketing in Hong Kong.

The park has achieved over 5 million attendance in its first bumpy year in Hong Kong since its opening in September 2005, missing its target of drawing 5.6 million set at the beginning.

However, its launch of summer pass this year was a success though it did not help the park reach its first year target. Taking the advantage of the success, the park launched its annual pass in October, with the cheapest for 650 HK dollars.

Besides, the theme park said it will add three more attractions by the first half of 2008, including the classic Disneyland attraction of "It's a Small World", "Mickey's WaterWorks" parade and "Animation academy", where visitors can learn how to draw cartoons.

They planned to open "Animation Academy" and "Mickey's WaterWorks" in the summer of 2007 and "It's a Small World" in 2008.

The park hoped the new attractions may add more features into the smallest Disneyland in the world and thus help to draw more visitors in its second year in Hong Kong.
Source : People's Daily and also reported by HKDLR.COM