Disney is one of the winners for 2006 Meritorious Website Contest in Hong Kong.

The 12 meritorious websites and the winners of the "Meritorious Website Hall of Fame Awards" are as follows:

Meritorious Websites:

Depressed Little Prince: www.depression.edu.hk
Dickdic: www.cpce.gov.hk/dickdick
Disney: www.disney.go.com
HKedcity: www.hkedcity.net
Kids.yam: kids.yam.com
Myenglishpal: www.myenglishpal.com
Oceanpark: www.oceanpark.com.hk
RTHK on Internet: www.rthk.org.hk
Smallcampus: www.smallcampus.net
Yahoo: www.yahoo.com
Yahoo Hong Kong: hk.yahoo.com
Zoo of Chinese Idioms: resources.emb.gov.hk/idiom2

Website Hall of Fame Awards:

Hyper Earth Rescue Team: www.hyper.com.hk
Mcdull: www.mcdull.hk
Source : HK Gov Press Release