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    It’s fair to say that I am now getting excited. My dream holiday is only about 2 months away. I have been planning this trip for a long time and it is now almost upon me. However I am now starting to think about the little things and could really use some help for the experts (you guys).
    Below is a brief summary of my plans, I would be greatful if you could
    1) Tell me if there is anything wrong with it / you think I should change
    2) Give me advice on where to eat, my friends have a saying about me – I know what I like and I like what I know. I think that sums up my food preference perfectly, I don’t mind trying some things which are new but I do like “western food”
    3) Any things which I should make certain I do – not to be missed attractions or shows etc.

    1PM leave UK
    9AM local time arrive at Narita airport
    get airport limousine (bus) ticket to Miracosta
    Check-in and leave bags at left luggae
    Go to Disneyland park do a few rides and watch the fireworks / parades

    Day 2 DisneySea

    Day 3 Park Hop
    Day 4 Park Hop

    Day 5 bus back to Narita airport
    11:00 fly to Hongkong
    3:30 arrive at Hongkong International airport
    Get taxi to resort
    Check-in at Hongkong Disneyland hotel
    Check out hotel / inspiration lake
    Meet with parents.

    Day 6 all day tour round hongkong

    Day 7

    Day 8
    Return to airport
    23:45 leave hongkong flying home

    Day 9
    Arrive home

    I am doing Tokyo Disneyland on my own and I am meeting up with my parents at Hongkong, so everything I do in Tokyo will be for just 1 adult, every thing in Hongkong is for 3 adults.

    I would very much appreciate any imput on whether my plans are good and how I could make this trip any better.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Advice

    For the Hong Kong part, I suggest you visit HKDL on day 6 because the theme park is right at your doorstep.

    Afterwards you might want to consider moving to a hotel in town (Tsim Sha Tsui for example) for the remainder of your HK tour on day 7 and day 8. You should be able to cover HKDL quite completely on day 6 alone.

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    Re: Advice

    The transportation in Hong Kong is so good that I reckon you could go either way on it. I tend to agree with Asa in that once you are at the HKDL Resort, you'd probably be better off touring the facility.

    My own experience was to stay in Tsim Sha Tsui for a few days, touring there and Hong Kong Island, before moving to the Hollywood Hotel for 3 nights and seeing the sights of Disneyland. However, from the Disneyland MTR Station, you can catch a train connecting to pretty much any of the other island lines. Plus youve got the Lo Pin Buddha on Lantau Island while you are there. ou won't want to miss a solid morning on Victoria Peak, or visiting the shopping districts in Mongkok and Nathan Rd etc.

    Still, I'd give yourself at least 1.5 days in the park. You can pretty much cover the whole thing in a day, but with the abundance of stage/theatre style shows - PhilharMagic; Golden Mickeys; Festival of the Lion King; Stitch Encounter and the Parades/Fireworks - you'd be more comfortable with than extra half day. Any more than that, andyou'll probably be re-doing things (like riding Space Mountain four times).
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    Re: Advice

    It is true that you can take a MTR from Disneyland MTR station to most of the interesting parts of HK as Loomis said, but it is not so cheap and a bit time consuming in my opinion.

    I will swap Day 6 with Day 7 and then maybe on Day 8 I will visit Ngong Ping 360 at Tung Chung, just before going to the airport, which is ten minutes away.

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