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    Bugs! Plants! and Play!

    What an amazing day at HKDL today. We went to just let mom relax for a bit and ended up having a load of great fun! Was the park busy, I don't know? To be honest, I was so busy I didn't see anything or anyone else.
    We got to HKDL at 2:30 this afternoon and headed for the tiki's. We listened to Dr. L. D. BUG for about 10 minutes in Cantonese, then he gave us a small matchbox with Francis on the cover. Inside were 6 Ladybugs! it took my little bug and I a half an hour to get them on the branches. Many children were enjoying the bug release, but quite a few were screaming too. They were scared! Now how can anyone be afraid of a lady bug you ask? Have you ever seen Francis?!? He scared me! What were they thinking. That is such an ugly bug and an ugly costume. The eyes are terrifying.
    After the bug shows, we wandered over to Fantasy land and ran into none other than Jiminey Cricket! Now this is amazing. He was just as I remember him from my first trip to WDW way back in the um....well, a long time ago.
    After a few photos, it was off to Pirate land for more pictures of the takeover lead up then, we took a jungle cruise. The people "getting it in the end" from the rhino's are now pirates, and there is lots of different treasure around the cruise. The elephant and baby near the river raft are gone, and it's a treasure boat.
    Goofy was surfing and splashing in tomorrow land. That has got to be a dangerous and bothersome job. But again, the kids loved it and that's Disney!
    Surprise, They had a horticulture tour that Little bug and I joined. over 40,000 plants make up the mickey at the gate. They change them 6 main times a year, and depending on the weather, up to once a month! What do they do with the old plants you ask, ship them to tung chung (I think he said) and mulch them up turn them into compost and bring it back for fertilizer. Oh yeah, and it takes up to 12 hours to switch them over. Learned the names of lots of the plants and where they come from. Lewis, was an excellent guide and tollerated too many silly questions from both mom and the little one.
    When the typhoon hit last year they had over 100 people fixing the uprooted trees and most of them were save! Yeah! We were worried about the uprooted trees!
    After the tour, we got a set of rubber bracelets that say be, think, do, environmentality on them.
    Next thing on the list was the kidz zones coloring stops, time for one Mickey eyes, and a Pooh ride and it was time for dinner and fireworks.

    Oh yeah, and a bit of a rumor too. Another Pirate ship is going to be in HK next week some time. Loomis? Anything on this? The guide wasn't sure if it would be a junk again or a clipper this time.

    We got a bunch of earth day pins (TDLFAN, I have one with your name on it), and some nice little certificates for the little one. This was definetly an afternoon to go to the park. We completely enjoyed the day.

    When we got home, we were showing daddy the ladybug box and the pictures and discovered a stow away. One of the Lady bugs decided to come home with us. He's now in a terrarium next to the tv. What a magical day!
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    Re: Bugs! Plants! and Play!

    What a great report! Sounds like you really had a magical day there. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Bugs! Plants! and Play!

    Great day at HKDL! Will you post photos from your day?
    I am assuming this event was related to Earth Day at the parks... and Jiminy Cricket being there was because of the Enviromentality Program a Disney??

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    Re: Bugs! Plants! and Play!

    Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you have a really fun time! Any photos to share?
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