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Wood-eating insects have chewed their way through beds, coffee tables and night stands at one of two hotels at Hong Kong Disneyland.

More than 100 rooms at the luxury 400-room Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel were infested, the Oriental Daily News reported. The bugs were first noticed in May in wooden beds, TV stands, night stands and coffee tables, the report said.

A photograph in the newspaper showed brown, beetle-like bugs with long antennae.

A renovation company for the hotel said it suspected some furniture suppliers from China didn’t properly fumigate their products, according to the report.

Hong Kong Disneyland spokeswoman Esther Wong declined to comment on the report, but said the park implemented “stringent” quality-control measures.

The infestation is the latest problem overshadowing the park’s grand opening on September 12.

Weeks of protests by environmentalists forced the park to drop plans to offer shark’s fin soup at banquets.

Hong Kong Disneyland – built on reclaimed land on outlying Lantau island – is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Hong Kong government, but local taxpayers are footing most of the construction bill.