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    Fired worker at HK Disneyland threatens suicide

    HONG KONG -- A fired construction worker at Hong Kong Disneyland climbed to the top of the building housing the Space Mountain roller coaster and threatened to commit suicide, Hong Kong police said Saturday.

    The labor dispute on Friday dragged on for three hours until the 45-year-old worker climbed down after negotiating with officers, police said. The man was employed by a contractor at the park, scheduled to open Sept. 12.

    The park, built on reclaimed land on Hong Kong's Lantau island, is a joint venture between The Walt Disney Co. and the Hong Kong government. (AP)

    July 16, 2005

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    Re: Fired worker at HK Disneyland threatens suicide

    Wow that it is amazing thanks for telling me!

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    Re: Fired worker at HK Disneyland threatens suicide

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