Beginning December 5, commuters traveling through the MTR’s Central Station will be able to catch a glimpse of the dazzling yuletide spirit during Disney’s Sparkling Christmas, as Hong Kong Disneyland brings the festivities to the city.

During the night, Santa’s delightful Elves danced and pranced their way from Santa’s Workshop to the MTR station. With high spirits and plenty of laughter, a multitude of pointy-eared friends bustled through the night, setting up the spectacular 3-D image of Hong Kong Disneyland and virtual snow, to help bring the spirit of Christmas to all the good boys, girls and adults in Hong Kong

By standing in front of the mural size floor poster, a snow covered Hong Kong Disneyland will appear to leap out in 3-D and guests will feel as if they are standing inside the Park. With virtual snow being projected onto the surrounding four pillars, while weather broadcasts and Christmas highlights from the Park play on plasma televisions, guests will be further immersed in the glittering magic of Disney’s Sparkling Christmas.