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    Spin-Off Trailers

    Some new trailers for the next few Kingdom Hearts games have come up online.
    Birth By Sleep: YouTube - KH: Birth by Sleep TGS08 Trailer w/Subs
    Includes worlds based on Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella, with Lucifer being a boss. Also, Maleficent's in a big role again.

    358/2 Days: YouTube - KH: 358/2 Days TGS08 Trailer w/Subs
    Focuses on the organization and introduces a new member, Xion.
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    Re: Spin-Off Trailers

    I can't wait for these!!

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    Re: Spin-Off Trailers

    It kinda bothers me that each installment is on a different platform… Gameboy Advanced, Playstation 2, PSP, NDS… I love the series, but I don’t have enough money for all the different systems.

    Birth By Sleep does look really cool though!

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    Re: Spin-Off Trailers

    Im glad i got the PsP instead of a DS now.
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