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    Final Mix 1 + 2 for Wii...

    Would you guys like to see KH 1 + 2 Final Mix to hit the Wii? 2 Games in 1.
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    Re: Final Mix 1 + 2 for Wii...

    Yes but I rather see them on the PS3 or 360 seeing how they could inprove the graphic's (a little like what their doing 4 God of War 1 and 2) plus they could add achievements or trophy's.

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    Re: Final Mix 1 + 2 for Wii...

    Hmm, I don't see Square releasing these games outside of Japan anytime soon. That's the thing with these 'International' versions, the only one that has ever had a western release was Final Fantasy X. Not only was that only in Europe, they only did that because they never got the normal version of FFX due to how long it took to release the game there.

    If you want to play the Final Mixes, just get Swap Magic and import the games. It's easier then it sounds. KH2:FM is the most worth it if you were only going to get one.
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