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    Talking I Love This Game!

    wow i think kh2 is the best friggen game ever!

    i am almost finished with the game and i think it has been 10 times better then any other games!!
    post a comment thing if you love the game as much as i do


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    Re: I Love This Game!

    I am not far enough into the game yet, to decide whether I love it or not.

    I played the first game a lot, so I keep comparing Kingdom Hearts 2 to that one. There are things that I am missing. However, I am not that far into the game yet. I am just starting Beast's Castle.

    I do love seeing Sora, Donald, and Goofy back together.

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    Re: I Love This Game!

    I just finished my second pass on the Beast's Castle. I was kind of amusing/disturbing one of my friends down the hall, as I was constantly gasping loudly and yelling at the TV during the whole giant Hollow Bastion kerfuffle. This game is blowing my freaking MIND, and I'm loving every second.

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    Re: I Love This Game!

    What do I love about this game? well everything! I love Sora and am crushing on just about every male in this game...Mmmm Axel.

    I know crazy but hey...its a game! I too, also love the that trio is back. Its like you can feel the brotherly friendship off the screen!

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    Re: I Love This Game!

    I haven't yet seen it available for my game system.

    They DO plan to make an Atari 2600 version, don't they?

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