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    Exclamation HELP - Kingdom Hearts

    Apparently there is a guide I do not know about... and I cannot seem to locate one...

    This sucks.

    Okay, so now the problem:

    I have accessed Wonderland, the Tree House, the Olypmic Colliseum and Agrahbah. I have keylocked all of them (except maybe Agrahbah, I think I locked it but I am not sure.) I cannot access any new worlds though! I do not know what to do or where to go...

    I am so confused.
    Please help...


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    Re: HELP - Kingdom Hearts

    go back to ... let's see... twilight town I think.... Yeah.

    Oh and here is a guide for you.
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    Re: HELP - Kingdom Hearts

    I think you go back to Traverse Town, Twilight Town is in KH2.

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