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Thread: Boss Battles

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    Boss Battles

    Anyone have a list of boss battles for KH1? I just defeated Maleificent the dragon but have no idea what to do next. I'm running around the castle and think I have to fight Riku. Also, how far am I to the end? THANKS

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    Re: Boss Battles

    While we're at it...anyone have tips for Ursula? I tried for a week to beat her, gave up, and haven't touched the game in a year Couldn't find anything online to help me.

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    Re: Boss Battles

    ^^ Ursula is one of the more frustrating boss fights (next to Cerebus and the Maleficent dragon). The trick is you gotta hit the cauldron in the middle with magic (fire, etc.), which bounces out and stuns her.

    When she gets huge, she's easy. Just remember to do that mermaid kick away from her mouth repeatedly when she tries sucking you in, and then gert around her head and wack the crap out of her.

    If you have trouble killing a boss, like any other Final Fantasy-type game, do a little leveling up first and come back.

    Filmfreak, you are almost to the end after Maleficent (actually everything after her is pretty darned easy, but a lot of boss fights). I would go on or and do a search for a kingdom hearts walkthrough faq to see where to go next, I don't remember off the top of my head.
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