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    Re: Knott's News: WindSeeker to be delayed until Summer due to relocation

    Quote Originally Posted by MactheMan View Post
    actually three, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as well (plus, if you will, Santa Cruz boardwalk).
    We were talking specifically about Cedar Fair's holdings in California, which I believe only include Knott's and Great America, another coaster park.

    This confirms it to me: they don't see the difference between a theme park and an amusement park. They'll probably preserve Ghost Town as a sop to the "theme people," while turning the rest into a full-out coaster city.
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    Re: Knott's News: WindSeeker to be delayed until Summer due to relocation

    Quote Originally Posted by Dustysage View Post
    While there is no way in hell you'll get me on the new WindSeeker, I am glad that Knott's has found a way to build something new without removing yet another family friendly attraction.
    Haha, I agree, that looks friggin crazy, I'm freakin' out on the top of Supreme Scream, it looks just as high. I'm already worried by swing-rides in general thinking that with my luck, mine would be the one 'Final Destination'-ish swing to break off, sending me flying through the air attached to a swing, but imagine, being sent flying at that height, hahahaha, I would die, literally.

    At the same time, I would miss the Sky Cabin, I just think it needs a nice facelift, and I'd love to take my kids on it some day. It's a not-too-scary way to go way up somewhere and get a good view.

    Gosh, if you want a freaky way to get that high, go to the observation deck at Magic Mountain in Valencia. That thing is so trippy. You hear the wind going in and out of the elevator, and it seems like the whole thing is going to topple onto the mountains, it feels like it is swaying. Creepy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbossa View Post
    Bring back the parachute drop!
    Seriously, that mug was tight. (I used to use that language in 6th grade, sorry.) I used to love the parachutes, there really wasn't a top to the cage? I don't remember that, but I remember it being fun.
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