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    Knott's pass only $59! Offer ends soon.

    So there is still a lot if unattractive construction taking place at the Disneyland Resort,
    and then it will be a very crowded summer with extremely long lines at the new attractions.

    Take a Disneyland break and get a Knott's "Season Pass" for just $59! I don't know why they call it a season pass--it doesn't expire till December 31--8 months from now! And it has no blackout dates!

    This offer ends on May 1.

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    Re: Knott's pass only $59! Offer ends soon.

    All I want to do there is ride the Poney Express coaster. Would that be worth my $59?
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    Re: Knott's pass only $59! Offer ends soon.

    Absolutely not. It lasts about 21 seconds, give or take 20 seconds.

    But (allow me to reprint part of my post from the Knott's County Fair thread) you should check out Knott's website and see the many other great things at Knott's, such as:
    --its man in jail who talks to you--like a low-rent "Turtle Talk with Crush" for degenerate adults,
    --its train that actually gets held up
    --the still cool Mystery Lodge
    --its log flume, coal mine, and stage coach rides,
    --the Pink's Hot Dogs and boysenberry pie!
    --its saloon show that reminds me of Disneyland's long-gone Golden Horseshoe Review.

    So go to Knott's; get your season passes; and have fun! Knott's is the only CA theme park I like besides Disneyland and DCA. And it even makes me appreciate Disneyland more--just check out the paint job on Independence Hall! We the people think the Founding Fathers deserve much better.
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