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    Knott's isn't the only park getting Windseeker this year. Cedar Fair is also installing the ride at Canada's Wonderland:
    Canadas Wonderland | Thrill Rides - WindSeeker

    What other parks are installing the ride?
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    Re: Windseeker

    There were four purchased. Cedar Point, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland (which btw was the first one to go into operation) and Knotts, which is presently scheduled to go on line in about a month.

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    Re: Windseeker

    The one at King's Island is now open (almost 2 month after they said it would be open). You take forever to get up, you stay for like 30 seconds then come down. It's like drop zone, but a slow drop. I'd go on it but i'm afraid of heights.
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    Re: Windseeker

    They are also building it at Play land in Vancouver BC Canada. Playland, Amusement Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, PNE - Pacific National Exhibition

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    Re: Windseeker

    Just got an email about an event happening at Knott's on July 31, and it's saying there's no guarantee it'll be open by then. But let's hope for the best!
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