MASON, Ohio - Kings Island announced Friday that a new water park will be built replacing the current park, Boomerang Bay. It will have new features including a 39,000 square foot wave pool with rapids, waterfalls and spray hoses. Professional sand volleyball courts, 1000 new lounge chairs and a grassy rest area will also be added.

Kings Island officials said this water park will be called Soak City and it will feature a new action river that will replace the lazy river.
The new water park will cover 33 acres, making it twice the size of the current water park.
Crews will also build a new entrance to the water park, which is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend of 2012. Paid admission to Kings Island will include the water park.

I was wondering when they would finally do something to their waterpark. And I do hope they add those 1,000 new lounge chairs, because it's needed. Go 30 minutes after opening and they are all taken in every area of the park. But I was kinda hoping for some cool, new waterslide to be added too. You get bored of the same few after awhile. It may not be much added to the existing park, but at least it gets rid of that terrible Australian theme that just never seemed to click.