I took about a 6 year break from Haunt and decided to go this year and I was a little disappointed. The Mine Ride was the worst of course. I remember the last time I was there they had this huge demon/dragon head lurch at the train in a cave full of fog and you didn't see it coming till it was in your face and that made me jump!

The mazes seemed shorter and with far less monsters than in previous years. We went on the 20th (a thursday) and we had seen all the mazes in an hour.

Monsters in general were not that great. I even saw one of them TEXT MESSAGING in one of the mazes. That killed it for me. I also noticed a few of them just leaving against walls in Ghost Town instead of scaring people and doing their jobs. One particular guy was leaning in a doorway with his buddy for well over 20 minutes. I don't know if these guys take their breaks out on stage or what but it seemed like poor show.

All in all it was an OK evening but was just bummed that mazes and the event itself was so much better in the 90's. I guess its time to skip it for another 10 years and see if it gets any better.