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I adored your trip report and completely agree with your maze reviews. The Mine Ride tanked, but the rest were wonderful! I've heard great things about Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus, but I totally missed it. I'll likely go back for more Haunt and hope to see that stage show.

My biggest gripe about Haunt this year, and just can't seem to let go of this complaint, is the map. The Haunt map is horrible! It's the worst Haunt map Knott's has ever produced! The Haunted Attraction logos are mostly unreadable as they're printed in black on a black background. Some logos are low-res and pixelated, including the Knott's Scary Farm logo itself. To make it worse, the map wasn't spell-checked and is filled with typos! Gyspy! Sleepy Hallow! Phycho! Really?! And with its tiny, thin type there's no way to read it in the dark streets of Knott's Scary Farm anyway.

I adore Halloween Haunt, but abhor this year's map. I'd rather ride Invasion Beneath than find one more typo in the danged thing.
The Ed Alonzo show is really good this year. May I also recommend Marty Putz in the Wagon Camp? Very funny, in a Carrot-Top-On-Acid-And-Meth way.

And, yes, for like the 4th year in a row, the map sucks. For some reason, Knott's has been printing the maps in dark ink on a dark background (and don't get me started on the friggin' typos). The best, most easily readable ones were from a decade or two ago, when they were printed in flourescent colors. Wish they'd go back to that.

If you come back for another visit, make sure to stop by Carnevil for a sweaty hug from this clown :-)