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    Sleepy Hollow Mountain closed for tonights Haunt 10/14/2011

    Knotts Scary Farm on FB is reporting this:

    The ghosts have taken over and we are sad to say that Sleepy Hollow Mountain will not open tonight. Sorry to all of our Haunters! There's still plenty of terror to be found on Invasion Beneath and 11 other mazes. See you in the fog tonight!

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    Re: Sleepy Hollow Mountain closed for tonights Haunt 10/14/2011

    Oh, I would've been so mad! Log ride is always one of the best attractions during Haunt and in my opinion, due to the increase in staffing there, is the best maze this year!
    Hopefully there isn't a big problem in there that'll shut it down for the rest of Haunt, especially when it just reached it's prime!

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