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    The Most Romantic Places in Knotts Berry Farm?

    Hey all, I am visiting Knotts for the first time ever, and my girlfriend is coming along with me. I was just wondering, where are some romantic locations inside of Knotts?

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    Re: The Most Romantic Places in Knott's Berry Farm?

    I'm at a loss. I love Knott's, but I can easily think of a 20 more romantic places in S. California; at least six are at the Disneyland resort.

    But I'll give Knott's a shot:

    Knott's stagecoaches only operate during the day, but if you find the old west romantic or if she loves horses, she might like that. Maybe eat at the Ghost Town Grill. And the log ride and coal mine are classics where you two can sit closely together. The Mystery Lodge is mysterious and mysterious might be as close as one can get to romantic at Knott's. Bribe Sad-Eye Joe to tell her a story about how you saved some lives, and how you gave up crime when you met her. Have an artist draw you two together. The bumper cars could be seen as romantic at night if you loved the Karate Kid teen-date montage. And this is more of a thrilling/romantic experience than just plain "romantic," but Windseeker at night could be cool, especially if you time your ride with Disneyland's fireworks five miles away. Don't make stupid jokes at the "guess your weight" game. The Camp Snoopy area at night could be romantic if you both dream of having kids, and the ferris wheel there is romantic because you may fear that you'll be spending your last moments together if the old thing breaks down and your bench compartment plunges to the concrete. You're a self-described "proud D23 member," but don't damage the day by making obvious points about the superiority of Disneyland; if you can show her a great time at an inferior park you'll prove what great company you are. Any loser can have a good date at Disneyland, but you can earn degree-of-difficulty points at Knott's.

    Treat her to a Season Pass for $69 before July 1, and have the class to not crack any jokes about that particular price. (That's only $12 more than a coupon-less adult admission.) Then after this all-day date you two can have a few more nice three-hour Knott's dates right when the park opens (very short lines) or at night. You may park for free for three hours in the lot just south of TGIF for shorter dates, with a reasonable charge (I think--better double check) if you're an hour late. I like Knott's at Halloween and Christmas, and you'll be able to experience the park then at no additional cost with your season passes. Of course you must take her to Knott's Scary Farm in the fall--even though it costs more. If she doesn't like the Scary Farm she might not be the one--I wish I were kidding about that.

    Again if she's really special, if you can afford it, and if it's romance ye be seekin', I'd urge you to take her to Disneyland or DCA instead,
    but I hope something I wrote above is helpful.

    --Tom Sinsky
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    Re: The Most Romantic Places in Knotts Berry Farm?

    Yeah, I'd have to agree. Knott's is a great place to romanticize about the old west, but I wouldn't call the place romantic.

    I'd vote for a relaxing moment just kicking back in the rocking chairs on the sheriff's front porch. There's two rocking chairs and you both can watch the crowds of Main Street walk through Ghost Town.

    I'd also push for an evening visit to Knott's as I think the park is beautiful when the lights turn on. Recent upgrades to Knott's added night lights to the Fiesta Village and Bigfoot Rapids areas which give them a beautiful glow. I also hear the kissing couple who have resided in the side window of the Calico Saloon are back at it again, in silohuette since the 1950s. Look for them.

    Also a nighttime spin on Windseeker, hand in hand at dusk, could make for a beautiful moment.

    Riding the Log Ride while locked in an embrace can definitely make for a romantic moment, just remember not to take that moment too far; they've got cameras on the Log Ride just in case!

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    Re: The Most Romantic Places in Knotts Berry Farm?

    Knott's lost it's most romantic spot when they screwed up Reflection Lake with Silver Bullet then Sierra Sidewinder.
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    Re: The Most Romantic Places in Knotts Berry Farm?

    Reflection Lake would have been a good choice if it was still there.

    Id have to go with the log ride (you ride tandem like Splash Mountain and it's even better because it is a single bench so you can hug your date during the ride). And also the calico mine ride. Especially when the train goes up the steep hill in the dark.

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