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    Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the event

    Knott's Berry Farm has been playing it close to the vest this year with news about their highly anticipated 40th anniversary Halloween Haunt event. Today, Friday the 13th the let a major morsel of goodness out of the Trick or Treat bag by revealing the return of a major character from Haunt past. Knott's just announced the return of the Green Witch character as the key figure for this years celebration.

    The Facebook cryptically posts

    In 1973, an evil was unleashed at Knott’s Scary Farm and the world has never been the same.

    40 Halloween Haunts later that evil has returned with a vengeance.

    Pure Horror. Pure Terror.

    This year, Haunt belongs to HER.

    The Green Witch has returned and Haunt will never be the same.
    …and she hasn’t come alone.

    The Green Witch Character was the focus of the original Midnight with hanging that took place in Calico Square. Over the years the With faded into the background and the hanging morphed into more of a parody show reviewing the year in pop culture.

    This year Knott's is aiming to bring Halloween back to Haunt. Their first moves have been interesting. They have revived the Dominion of the Dead maze for a re-imagining for modern guests. They have also gone through and improved all of their other maze offerings as well. Finally, they are capping it off with the return of the the sinister, evil icon from haunts of long ago.

    who is excited? We are for sure.

    And if you want to go, but are too afraid to go alone, join us for the

    Meet up event. Click here for the info!

    It will be a big night of fun, scares and silliness that will include, dinner, tickets and more.
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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the e

    VERY excited! Can't wait for it this year.

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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the e

    thumbs up

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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the e

    I can't wait... I have some amazing memories of the green witch.

    I remember 2 years ago on Micechat night that green witch nearly made me fall over backwards from a startle... We were walking to the Log Ride and Mine Train after the buffet like we usually do and my sister and I were mobbed by the monsters like they usually do at rope drop... Well we walk right by the bottle house making our way to the log ride and I did not notice her... She blended into the bottle house looking like a part of the bush/tree and so we walk on by and she turns around, lets out a loud scream right in my face and jump o high like I had never jumped before... She got me good and I never saw it coming.

    I can't wait for Haunt this year and Micechat night... They have an "extreme maze" called Trapped, a Halloween themed maze called Trick or Treat done by Brooke which means it will be awesome... A Midnight witch hanging that I have never seen before... And I am totally excited for Dominion of the Dead (although I will miss Lockdown)... Not to mention, Vyrus will probably find me somewhere in Ghost Town.
    Add me... I dont bite LOL!

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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the e

    finally something scary... havent seen a logo that was good since 2001

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    Re: Knott's Scary Farm resurrects old Haunt villain for the 40th anniversary of the e

    I've been attending in October every year since 1986 (yes, over 25 years & still going). This is the 1st time I will be able to come out (from Las Vegas) & attend during the opening weekend (September 22nd) & I look forward to it. I'm probably one of the few who remembers how Knott's Scary Farm truly was an 18+ Age event, I understand why Cedar Fair watered it down but I truly preferred the 18+ (the mazes look awesome this year, I want more information on the Live Shows - Ed Alonzo has done a fine job stepping in when Elvira was sadly dismissed) ...

    I <3 Making Friends Who Share The Same Interests :-)

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