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    Knott's new Boardwalk area

    Here are some photos of the new Boardwalk area at Knott's Berry Farm, taken last week:

    Name:  Boardwalk 01.jpg
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Size:  112.1 KB

    Surfside Gliders (foreground) and Coast Rider:
    Name:  Boardwalk 02.jpg
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    Signs for Pacific Scrambler and Surfside Gliders:
    Name:  Boardwalk 03.jpg
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Size:  76.7 KB

    Coast Rider from Boardwalk area (Xcelerator in background):
    Name:  Boardwalk 04.jpg
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Size:  124.2 KB

    Surfside Glider ride vehicle (notice rudder for adjusting wind resistance and thereby steering vehicle):
    Name:  Boardwalk 05.jpg
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    Surfside Glider vehicles at rest...
    Name:  Boardwalk 06.jpg
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    and in motion:
    Name:  Boardwalk 07.jpg
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    Retro signage for new Boardwalk rides on side of old Knott's Berry Tales building:
    Name:  Boardwalk 08.jpg
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    Sign at entrance for Coast Rider:
    Name:  Boardwalk 09.jpg
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    Loading station for Coast Rider:
    Name:  Boardwalk 010.jpg
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    Lift hill:
    Name:  Boardwalk 011.jpg
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    Nice grassy area below Coast Rider:
    Name:  Boardwalk 012.jpg
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    Vehicle returning to station:
    Name:  Boardwalk 013.jpg
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    I asked the manager at Coast Rider if this was the same ride as Goofy's Sky School at Disney California Adventure. He told me that the manufacturer was the same, but the configuration was a little different. I also asked about the Lego Technic roller coaster at Legoland in Carlsbad, which I think the Coast Rider is more similar to, but he wasn't familiar with that roller coaster.

    One more shot showing the water area surrounding Pacific Scrambler and Surfside Gliders:
    Name:  Boardwalk 014.jpg
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    Re: Knott's new Boardwalk area

    Made my way over yesterday, been a few months since I've been to the park, despite owning passes. Love the new area, just really nice on the eyes, especially all the blue in the pools for the water. Coast Rider was pretty fun, but the turns were killer on my legs, pushing them into the restraints. Hopefully this won't end up like Ghostrider for me, a ride that is just too painful to physically ride.

    I had to skip out on the Scrambler and the Gliders, only spinning ride I've been able to go on and not get incredibly sick from was Windseeker. Girlfriend loved the Scrambler though.

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