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    Re: Worlds of Fun announces Steelhawk (Knott's Windseeker) for 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan120420 View Post
    To everyone that says add a dark ride, remember, this will be a Cedar Fair dark ride. It won't have the budget of a Universal, Disney, or even Busch dark ride.

    Yes, what they did to the LogRide was nice, but, all the ride infrastructure was already there. And infrastructure is a huge part of any dark ride budget.

    Cedar Fair just announced a dark ride for Canadas Wonderland. Instead of going with proven dark ride manufactures such as SallyRides, Garner Holt, ect. They went with TRIOTECH, the same company that installs cheap motion simulators and 3D shows in malls. So if Knotts were to ever get a dark ride, set expectations VERY low, as rebuilding the KOD building will eat up a large part of any budget.

    Would much rather have a new big coaster than a crappy dark ride.
    Not necessarily true. The Log Ride redux was on Cedar Fair's watch, and quite frankly it's better than anything even Disney has done in considering what $5 million dollars brought into that mountain, compared to what Disney built with the $100 million that The Little Mermaid cost to make, I'm not so sure it's all about how big the budget is...

    The only thing Cedar Fair has actually proven to me is how bad they are at building roller coasters with such little real estate at Knott's. Pony Express is just a waste of metal.
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    Re: Worlds of Fun announces Steelhawk (Knott's Windseeker) for 2014

    It's too bad Knott's has so few themed attractions like the Log Ride and Calico Mine Train which could be rethemed for a relatively small price tag. The only other ones I can think of that could possibly receive a similar upgrade are Mystery Lodge and *maybe* Big Foot Rapids. The ease of future "plussing" is one of the advantages to an indoor dark ride and/or motion simulator.

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