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    Koutesu's 2013 Visit

    Disneyland is your land.
    Disney California Adventure is your adventure.
    Knott's Berry Farm is your farm.

    We last went to Knott's in 2011 for the first time since 1999. We decided Knott's would be perfect to fill an extra day in California. I thought the kids would enjoy it. That's right, people. The "for the kids" reason people use for visiting the Disney parks or LEGOLAND applies to Knott's, too. With a couple teens who like the type of coasters at Knott's and Camp Snoopy for the little ones, we thought Knott's would be a good place to visit. I'm satisfied with the Log Ride and Calico Mine Train. Plus, the tickets are cheap through my work (adult ticket was only $35).

    It was nice to be back at Snoopy's park. The place has improved since 2011. Food was better and seemed to have actually gone down in price. Improvements like the Log Ride refurbishment definitely shows and hopefully they'll get through other areas of the park to bring back the sparkle like they did with Ghost Town. Charles M Schultz theater could definitely use some work! The audience seating isn't as good as the Hyperion in DCA, but it's better than a concrete bench. This does mean we saw Snoopy Unleashed, though I found it a little dull. Maybe it's the lack of Peanuts characters or maybe ice shows are a little dull to me. I didn't know Gangnam Style was still popular since the audience went nuts when Snoopy started to dance like Psy. With the park hours being 10-10, it was a good park to save for last since you can sleep in and you don't get back to your hotel too late like at the Disneyland Resort.

    My Disneyland/DCA trip report is found here:
    Koutesu's 2013 Trip

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    Re: Koutesu's 2013 Visit

    nice pictures thanks

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    Re: Koutesu's 2013 Visit

    Great trip report thank you!

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