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    Couple quick questions...

    So I have a season pass for Knott's. I know I get a discount on my Haunt ticket, do I also get one on the pre-scare buffet?

    I have the money for my ticket right now, but I won't have the money for the buffet until the week before we go (next payday is the 18th, we are going on the 25th). If I were to purchase my ticket now, can I pay for the buffet later or do I have to do it all at once?

    How are preorders for Trapped being done this time? Are there going to be walkups allowed for the event or is it selling out like it did last year?

    Most importantly. I have parking included on my pass, does that work for Haunt as well or do I have to pay $20 to park?

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    Re: Couple quick questions...

    I have no idea how to answer that one. I'd go to the info desk at the turnstiles and ask.

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