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    Recreation Berry Stand near Independence?

    Since the original Berry Stand was completely removed from the park, I wondered why they didn't take the original timbers and rebuild it elsewhere on the property? With the wood most likely gone now, I think it would be a nice addition to recreate the Berry Stand near a place like the Independence Hall replica, one of Walter Knott's last big projects. Inside could be wax figures of Walter and Cordelia and like the old Covered Wagon Show can highlight their beginnings of the farm and how crucial the Boysenberry was to their success?

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    Re: Recreation Berry Stand near Independence?

    I'd love them converting the entire "corporate garden" area into a low priced "mini park" like they used to have with the Jungle Island complex (in addition to the island, they had the train and steamer they later ported over to Camp Snoopy as well as a mule train ride). Theme it to Knott's History, push the Boysenberry, have it be a low cost kid friendly little mini park and I think they could really both add to the "feel" of the main park as well as likely make some serious inroads endearing themselves to the park history nerds.
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    Re: Recreation Berry Stand near Independence?

    I would love to see them do some history field trips for local schools. There's so much history there. They currently offer field trips for physics classes and allow them to do experiments on the coasters.

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