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    Camp Snoopy refurbishment updates

    Not sure how much interest there is here in MiceChat, but Knott's Berry Farm has started a blog with regular updates on the construction and refurbishment going on in Camp Snoopy on their website.

    On Friday, the Knott's blog announced that the kiddie roller coaster in Camp Snoopy, called the Timberline Twister, had re-opened after several weeks of renovations. Here is the photo they posted. The roller coaster cars "sport an all-new wood panel look, reminiscent of vintage pinewood derby cars." In an earlier post, the ride was to be re-themed as a Pinewood Derby race, where riders help Charlie Brown earn his first Merit Badge.

    On Thursday, the blog announced that, in addition to the three rides previously announced to be closing, the Snoopy-themed Joe Cool's GR8 Sk8 "Great Skate" ride (which looks like a giant skateboard) would be closing, as of Sunday, February 23rd. No word in the announcement on what will happen to the space between the kids' biplane spinner ride and the lodge restaurant.

    The other three rides that had earlier been announced would be closing--Charlie Brown's Speedway, Snoopy Bounce (house), and Log Peeler--will close in "early March." (My personal opinion is that the speedway ride is a fun ride for younger children, whipping riders around the turns, and should have been kept. The three new rides that have been announced are all variations on spinner rides.)

    Other news on the blog in past weeks included that the Lucy's Tugboat ride would be re-themed with a white-water rafting theme (see this link for the ride logo including Snoopy and several birds like Woodstock) and that the Camp Snoopy Theater, home of the Peanuts shows for younger children and families, would have a new shade structure installed over the seating area for the comfort of the audience.
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    Re: Camp Snoopy refurbishment updates

    I appreciate the updates~! I'm not on Facebook so I don't get their usual promotions so please keep 'em coming.

    I only found out yesterday by word of mouth that there's a Calico Mine Ride Tshirt available to passholders. I never would have known otherwise.

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    Re: Camp Snoopy refurbishment updates

    Who knew in later life, Lucy became a captain of a tug boat.

    The speedway was very expensive to maintain. Having several accidents over its life. The most bizarre was on the day Dale Ernhart died, the #3 car broke from it moorings and crashed into the wall. I believe you can still see the damage, low, to the right front fender.

    The manufacture of GR8Sk8 may no longer be in business, which makes Knotts solly responsible for accidents.
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    Re: Camp Snoopy refurbishment updates

    I'm excited to see how everything will look when they are done, 4 spinners in one area seems like a bit much but glad they are theming them.

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