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    Calico Mine Train t-shirts for season passholders

    A couple of weeks ago Knott's sent a Tweet out about t-shirts available for sale exclusively to season passholders, "while supplies last", that have an image of a cool Calico Mine Train attraction poster that was one of several posters sold back, I think, in the early 1980's.

    I was at Knott's over the President's Day holiday weekend and asked about the shirts in the General Store. They knew nothing about them. But, they sent me over to Cordy's. Turns out they are being sold at that store, which seems to be where they sell season passholder exclusive items. I was afraid they might be sold out already, but they still had them. The kicker is, the shirts are good quality cloth and are only $9.99! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price tag. At the Disney parks, they'd be the thin, chincy cloth and cost $40! Thought I'd pass along the info for other Knott's season passholders who might not have heard about the shirts. It appeared that they still had a bunch.

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    Re: Calico Mine Train t-shirts for season passholders

    wow that sounds great. now I know I must buy a knots pass for sure. and buy a shirt as well. thanks for update

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    Re: Calico Mine Train t-shirts for season passholders

    It's a really good shirt! The design is the Bob Bates painting for the Mine Ride's attraction poster. It's a bold, friendly, and familiar graphic. Perfect for a T-shirt.

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