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    Neat (Hidden?) Poster

    Upon my last visit to Knott's, I was checking out the Pepper's Ghost effect in the Undertakers building when I saw two posters on the outside wall between the Bird Cage Theater.

    One was a poster advertising to eat at the Ghost Town Grill, but the poster next to it really caught my eye.

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    At first glance it looks to be pretty old. There are a few things featured on this poster that no longer exist, and it's extremely discolored. The bottom of the poster is just wrecked - obviously from being exposed to the elements for a number of years. I figured I would share it here since it's off the beaten path a little bit. If anyone has any info on this, I would love to know more.

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    Re: Neat (Hidden?) Poster

    I love little details like this..
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    Re: Neat (Hidden?) Poster

    wonderful thanks

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    Re: Neat (Hidden?) Poster

    It's a gem of a poster that, I believe, was once for sale at the Farm. I've got a good print that I spotted on ebay. I'll have to scan it someday as those vintage illustrations are adorable.

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    Re: Neat (Hidden?) Poster

    I miss the Haunted Shack.

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