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    Hooters Costa Mesa Grand Opening

    is today! So all you lovers of wings (and lovers of whatever else one might find at such a place). Now you know! Exit 405 at Harbor, go about a block north, and make a left (just beyond the wash - that's right, Hooters with a moat!)

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    Re: Hooters Costa Mesa Grand Opening

    There's a Hooters right at the Katella exit off the 57. The 57 to katella to 5north to Harbor exit is my alternate route when the 91west is backed up (which it usually is during the week).

    I haven't gone into a Hooters since I lived in Nashville. There it's a typical place for co-workers to go... an equivelent of going to Chili's or Applebees. Men and women co-workers eat lunch there, and it's really not a big thing.

    Of course, Daisy Duke shorts did originate in the South, but I don't know about wearing pantyhose with shorts...

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    Re: Hooters Costa Mesa Grand Opening

    The difference between Hooters and Chili's is that at I'll eat at Chili's. Hooters looks too low-class. In four months living here, I've seen two seperate Hooters (and they're eventually rehabbing an entire old Strip hotel into a Hooters hotel) but one looks really old and the other is so bad that it got shut down by the health inspectors the other month.

    I will, however, go to the Hooters hotel if they pick their dealers for the same attributes they use with their waitresses. Then I can go andtake Chesty McBustyson's newbie dealer mistakes to my advantage for cash. Yes dear, that's a 17, so you should keep hitting.

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    Re: Hooters Costa Mesa Grand Opening

    No interest in Hooters, never had good food or fun there.
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